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My publications
  • Morris H, Plavcová L Cvecko P, Fichtler E, Gillingham MAF, Martinez-Cabrera HI, McGlinn DJ, Wheeler E, Zheng J, Ziemińska K, Jansen S: A global analysis of parenchyma tissue fractions in secondary xylem of seed plants. Accepted to New Phytologist.

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  • Plavcová L & Jansen S (2015): The role of xylem parenchyma in the storage and utilization of non-structural carbohydrates. In Hacke UG (ed.): Functional and Ecological Xylem Anatomy. Springer International Publishing, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. 209-234. (view on web...)

  • Blöschl G, Gaál L, Hall J, Kiss A, Komma J, Nester T, Parajka J, Perdigao RAP, Plavcová L, Rogger M, Salinas JL, Viglione A (2015): Increasing river floods: fiction or reality? Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water (view on web...)

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  • Volker SL, Brooks RJ, Meinzer FC, Roden J, Pazdur A, Pawelczyk S, Hartsough P, Snyder K, Plavcová L. & ©antrůček J (2014): Reconstructing relative humidity from plant ?18O and ?D as deuterium deviations from the global meteoric water line. Ecological Applications 24: 960-975. (view on web...)

  • Plavcová L, Jansen S, Klepsch M & Hacke UG (2013): Nobody's perfect: Can irregularities in pit structure influence vulerability to cavitation? Frontiers in Plant Science 4: Article 453. (view in pdf...)

  • Anderegg WRL, Plavcová L, Anderegg LDL, Hacke UG, Berry JA, Filed CB (2013): Drought's legacy: Multi-year hydraulic deterioration underlies widespread aspen forest die-off and portends increased future risk. Global Change Biology 19: 1188-1196. (view in pdf...)

  • Plavcová L, Hacke UG, Almeida-Rodriquez AM, Li E & Douglas CJ (2013): Gene expression patterns underlying changes in xylem structure and function in response to increased nitrogen availability in hybrid poplar. Plant, Cell and Environment 36: 186-199. (view in pdf...)

  • Plavcová L & Hacke UG (2012): Phenotypic and developmental plasticity of xylem in hybrid poplar saplings subjected to experimental drought, nitrogen fertilization and shading. Journal of Experimental Botany 63: 6481-6491. (view in pdf...)

  • Plavcová L & Hacke UG (2011): Heterogeneous distribution of pectin epitopes and calcium in different pit types of four angiosperm species. New Phytologist 192: 885-897. (view in pdf...)

  • Plavcová L, Hacke UG & Sperry JS (2011): Linking irradiance-induced changes in pit membrane ultrastructure with xylem vulnerability to cavitation. Plant, Cell and Environment 34: 501-513. (view in pdf...)

  • Teąitel J, Plavcová L & Cameron DD (2010): Interactions between hemiparasitic plants and their hosts: The importance of organic carbon transfer. Plant Signaling and Behavior 5: 1072-1076. (view in pdf...)

  • Hacke UG, Plavcová L, Almeida-Rodriguez A, King-Jones S, Zhou W& Cooke JEK (2010): Influence of nitrogen fertilization on xylem traits and aquaporin expression in stems of hybrid poplar. Tree Physiology 30: 1016-1025. (view in pdf...)

  • Teąitel J, Plavcová L & Cameron DD (2010): Heterotrophic carbon gain by the root-hemiparasites Rhinanthus minor and Euphrasia rostkoviana (Orobanchaceae). Planta 231: 1137-1144. (view in pdf...)

  • ©antrůček J, Květoň J, ©etlík J & Bulíčková L (2007): Spatial variation of deuterium enrichment in bulk water of snowgum Leaves. Plant Physiology 143: 88-97. (view in pdf...)